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Annotated Games and Tactical Exercises/Examples


Select from the list below exercises or games to play through.



  • End Game Basics, to follow
  • More on the End Game, to follow
  • The Square
  • The Opposition
  • Triangulation
  • The Pawn Breakthrough
  • Pawn End Games
  • Queen-Pawn End Games
  • Simplification
  • Decoying
  • Attraction
  • The Pin
  • The Skewer
  • Line Closing
  • Blocking
  Mating Themes
  • Anastasia's Mate
  • Back Rank Mate
  • Blackburne's Mate
  • Boden's Mate
  • Damiano's Mate
  • Greco's Mate
  • Légal's Mate
  • Morphy's Mate
  • Morphy's Concealed Mate
  • Pillsbury's Mate
  • Réti's Mate
  • Rook, Knight and Pawn Mate
  • Smothered Mate
  • Two Bishop Mate
  • Bishop-Knight Mate
  Chess Openings
  • Move Sequences for sixty-one major openings - plus variations
  • All opening variations can be played through on interactive chess board
  • Fried Liver - By Mig Greengard
  • Mastering The Endgame  In 3 Parts - By Sofia Polgar
  • Fairly Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
Special Games
  • Amazing
  • Famous
  • Fascinating
  • Openings
  • Famous Lapses
Humans v Computers

Some good examples of human battles against top chess computer programs. With annotation.

GM v Computer Matches
  • Kasparov V Deep Blue, Matches I and II
        -   Each game from second Match with detailed annotation.
  • Kramnik V Deep Fritz 7.0.
        -   Each game with detailed annotation.
  • Bareev V HiarcsX.
        -   Each game with detailed annotation.
  • Kasparov V Deep Junior 8.0
        -   Detailed annotations by Amir Ban, the author of Deep Junior.
Sparring Partner
A Java Based Chess Engine To Test Your Skill
Sudbury Games
Some examples of games played by Sudbury Chess Club members
  • Graham Griffiths
  • Robert Sanders
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