Openings + Variations

Famous Mating Themes

  • Anastasia's Mate
  • Back Rank Mate
  • Blackburne's Mate
  • Boden's Mate
  • Damiano's Mate
  • Greco's Mate
  • Légal's Mate
  • Morphy's Mate
  • Morphy's Concealed Mate
  • Pillsbury's Mate
  • Réti's Mate
  • Rook, Knight and Pawn Mate
  • Smothered Mate
  • Two Bishop Mate
  • Bishop-Knight Mate







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If you enjoy chess in a really friendly and comfortable environment, visit the Sudbury Chess Club. We meet at the The Sudbury Conservative Club on Tuesday evenings between 7.30pm and 10.30pm.

You'll find us in the main room, at the end of the weekly debt management seminars, which begin at 6.30pm. Come to both if you're interested, a lot of our members do, but don't be alarmed if you turn up for the start of the chess to find the debt group still going on - they often run over slightly!

We cater for all levels of play - from beginner to expert, young and old. For those interested in competitive chess, we currently field an A-Team and a B-Team which play in Suffolk Chess League matches. We also field teams for other county competitions.

Sudbury Chess Club organises the Sudbury Junior Chess Tournament each year which is proving to be a significant event, attracting players with a wide range of abilities from far and wide. This event also has an Open Section for adults in which any player can enter.

Interested! Then please come along or contact the Secretary - see below.


The Sudbury Conservative Club (Tel: 01787 379047).
39 New Street. Sudbury, CO10 1JB.
Tuesday evenings, 7.30pm-10.30pm
Secretary: Graham Griffiths, Telephone 01206-262132



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