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Miscellaneous Chess Resources

PGN/FEN/EPD Notation

PGN stands for the Portable Game Notation, a standard designed for the representation of chess game data using ASCII text files. PGN is structured for easy reading and writing by human users and for easy parsing and generation by computer programs.

FEN stands for the Forsyth-Edwards Notation; it is a standard for describing chess positions using standard alpha/numeric characters.

EPD stands for the Extended Position Description; it is a standard for describing chess positions along with an extended set of structured attribute values using the ASCII character set. It is intended for data and command interchange among chessplaying programs. It is also intended for the representation of portable opening library repositories.

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FIDE Laws of Chess

The Laws of Chess, as laid down by FIDE

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Elo Calculator

Convert to and from BCF (or other National rating) and the equivalent Elo rating.

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